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Fat fat fat – FAT exposed

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More and more people are eating fat. Our eyes have been opened to the stupidity of Public Health recommendations on food. High fat, low carb eating is turning people’s lives around – word is spreading…here is confirmation.

Over the last fifty years, general nutritional wisdom has been to recommend moderate consumption of fat, lower the intake of saturated fats (butter, lard, milk, red meat, coconut oil) and cholesterol (eggs, poultry, beef) and increase the consumption of polyunsaturated fats (soybean, sunflower, corn, cottonseed oils) and carbohydrates (pasta, bread, sugar, etc).

This is true – and unbelievably ignorant and led by our “experts”.

Medical research has shown that eating cholesterol has basically no influence on the level of cholesterol in the blood or on potential heart diseases. Neither has the link between saturated fat intake and cardiovascular risk ever been proven. On the other hand, a high intake of omega-6 polyunsaturated fats (vegetable oils) has not been proven as beneficial for our health and trans-fats have been shown to have negative health effects. The higher intake of vegetable oils and the increase in carbohydrate consumption in the last 30-40 years are the two leading factors behind the high rates of obesity and metabolic syndrome in the U.S. Saturated and mono un – saturated fats are not.

The conclusion of this report is simple. Natural unprocessed fats are healthy and key to the evolution of a society that focuses on developing healthy indi viduals, not just on treating those who are sick. Natural foods high in monoun – saturated and saturated fats are one of the preferred sources of energy for our bodies to use and store. Omega-3 has strong protective properties for our heart and brain. Welcome to the new world of fat.

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