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Do you know Tony and Barrie Barlow-Drewitt?

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I vaguely remember these people – Tony and Barrie Barlow-Drewitt – the first gay men to have “their own” children. Way back. Now the first two kids are sixteen and they talk to the press – see link below. There are six children in all – little uns going down to really small – and maybe more to come.

But for me, the fascinating thing is who is genetically what?

their little brother Orlando, 13, who is biologically Aspen’s twin (he was grown from a frozen embryo four years later in the womb of a different surrogate) and six-year-old twins Jasper and Dallas. They were grown by the same surrogate as Orlando but using eggs donated by a Brazilian model.


Tony has declared himself too old to be a father again, but Barrie is yearning for more babies, particularly daughters. ‘We’ve got six female embryos already made. They’re in Beverly Hills, on ice,’ he declares. They are donor eggs from the same woman as the youngest twins, fertilised by both men.

Saffron and Aspen are not really twins but biological half-brother and sister, conceived using the donor eggs of one woman, Tracie McCune, and carried in the womb of a surrogate, Rosalind Bellamy.

The twins recently met some of their other half-siblings through their biological mother, who gave 15 or 16 eggs to other couples, according to Barrie. ‘That was an experience,’ says Aspen. One of their half-sisters, an actress in a Desperate Housewives series, will visit soon.

Must be REALLY confusing don’t you think? Well, it certainly is for me!

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