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Politics – rare good news

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Here is a wonderful government announcement recently about  all the fake charities  in the UK that use OUR tax money to lobby the government for legislation AGAINST US. I will not give money to any of the charities that squander it on lobbying in parliament. It’s a totally corrupt arrangement!

“The following costs are not eligible expenditure: payments that support activity intended to influence or attempt to influence Parliament, government or political parties, or attempting to influence the awarding or renewal of contracts and grants, or attempting to influence legislative or regulatory action.”

GOOD NEWS INDEED! And about time too…I am impressed.

Article on the waste industry – Charities…

About 27,000 British charities are dependent on the Government for three quarters or more of their funding. Without Government cash, many would collapse. Nevertheless they spend much of their time and money lobbying the Government rather than doing what most people would consider ‘charitable work’. 

Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) is probably the most effective organisation in the anti-smoking lobby, and is very clear that it is a campaigning group. In 2013, ASH was given £150,000 from the Department of Health, £447,074 from other charities, £125,000 from one legacy and possibly only about £6,000 from voluntary donations.” (my bold)


Author: Elizabeth

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