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Greed – how the UK benefits from smokers

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There is a move to tax vaping and vaping products. If you follow the Furlong blog, you will know that I am a smoker that only vapes. My last actual cigarette was smoked in 2011.

I wrote a post about my last cigarette.

But my head thinks like a smoker. Smokers have been the prey of greed. Profit has been made by the anti-smoking drive that has taken over the world. Taxing smokers, is not about stopping the smoking – it’s about stealing money from the population. Taxes are theft by our governments.

It is borne out by the new EU move to tax vapers. Many smokers change to vaping because it is much cheaper than smoking.

This is how the theft occurs for smokers in the UK. If vapers are taxed, people might as well just carry on smoking. This move by the robber barons is very foolish as vaping, without question, is safer than smoking.



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