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Cuts mean different things to different people

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The cemetery near the Furlong house, where the Furlong dog has had many social networking walks, has seen better days. The council is letting it go to pot. It’s the cuts.

Here follow pictures of the cuts experienced by us, the people, compared to cuts experienced by our leaders.

Our cuts are not really important.

old garden

ex gardens – decommissioned

cemetery garden

current single garden, going to pot – the only one left of three

The perimeter of the Furlong cemetery is reverting to Nature – thistles, nettles. tweezles, the lot!


Mr Cameron is receiving HIS cuts too, this week. The government’s own plane – £10 000000. Money saved on our cemetery I should think.

RAF Voyager plane

Prime Minister David Cameron and senior ministers are to get their own plane for official trips.


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