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Dark forces

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While the Furlongs have been moving house, we have still followed the news. The company that provides our phone and broadband were fantastic, our new service was active on the day of our move. If you have that, you have everything!

Maslow's Hierarchy of Basic Human Needs (updated)

So we have been following the current dark forces in UK politics.

The dark force that is blatantly exposing itself is The persecution of Jeremy Corbyn and the behavior of the Mainstream Media.

In Africa, we used to call it “The Third Force”. Every time things were settling into peace and co-operation amongst tribes/groups/factions/blacks/whites/government/citizens, SOMETHING ugly would occur to crap it all up. You could bank on it. But the source of the mysterious dark force was never known – only suspected.

But, currently, in the UK – the press are the Third Force – and blatantly so.

Since Jeremy’s historic victory, the MsM, seemingly in coordination with some MPs, have carried out hit and run attacks. Trawling the bottom of the barrel, they find what might otherwise be un-newsworthy statements or incidents and in unison, twist events to suit the prior agreed upon talking point: Corbyn is a bad leader. Defamation lawsuits are avoided by inserting phrases like ‘Corbyn seemed to’ or ‘appeared to’ before each outlandish accusation. Like any dishonest or poor debater, once the scurrilous claim, outright lie or flimsy argument is disproved by their opponents, they hastily move on to the next attack, creeping under the hitherto reliable darkness of public amnesia. The cynical objective of this approach is to sully the victim’s image by planting vague, amorphous negative associations in the public mind.

This Huffington Post article is a good read…..

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