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Dear Georgie Porgie


I think I’ve said this before. This Government could save itself billions if it simply stopped persecuting smokers. They would not have to support Action on Smoking and Health or any of the other money-sucking “charities” and quangos that get our taxes. Or pay out BILLIONS for NHS Smoking Cessation Services or NRT for people who can switch to vaping far more successfully than by using the patches, gums and inhalers you pay the Drug Companies for. 

Australia pulled funding from the Australian Ash – oh! poor things. But instead of relieving the burden on smokers, it seems to have got worse. Australia is no longer a free society – it’s gone insane on many levels.

But here in the UK, the Government spends millions on trying to make smoking extinct. Of course for a quarter of the population it’s a normal thing they do everyday.

So George Osborne, if you want to save money, simply remove the funding from the Tobacco Control Industry.

Smokers would still support the NHS through the profit you make on tobacco taxation. That is, with the bit you get. With the price of tobacco nowadays, I would think you are losing a great deal to contraband – and that serves you right!

Maybe the penny might be dropping since you froze the tax on tobacco in your budget.

But you could do much better.

Simon Clarke was thinking about the budget too. 

I’m delighted £200m has already been removed from this year’s council public health budgets. Let’s cut those budgets even further and make councils think twice before spending finite funds on unnecessary anti-smoking initiatives such as signs designed to stop adults smoking in outdoor public places.

Some matters should be beyond the remit of local councils. Smoking outside is one of them. It’s also none of their business if adults choose to smoke at all.

I’ll be watching the Chancellor’s statement with interest. Fingers crossed.

PS. See also Council spending on Public Health is being largely wasted(ConservativeHome).

My old friend Harry Phibbs writes:

£160 million is spent by councils on smoking cessation. For Leeds City Council the programme included someone dressing up as a kangaroo and going round a shopping centre telling people smoking was bad for them.

Some of the money meant for smoking cessation has been diverted into political lobbying (in contravention of the rules that Council funds should not be spent in that way).

For example Public Health Action/Smoke Free South West has been paid over a million pounds this year (from Bath and North East Somerset, Bristol, Cornwall, Gloucestershire, Plymouth, Somerset, South Gloucestershire, Swindon, Torbay and Wiltshire councils). The organisation is quite open about its lobbying activities – for instance in support of plain packaging. Similar concerns arise with FRESH North East and Tobacco Free Futures.

My own council [Hammersmith and Fulham] is spending £924,000 on anti-smoking campaigning and activity of various sorts. I suspect those who quit would have quit anyway.

Well said, Harry. If one London council is spending almost a million pounds on anti-smoking initiatives, how much money is being spent nationwide? I think we should be told.


Author: Liz

I'm someone also pounding the Path, just like you.. I'm retired, going into Old Age and loving my life. I'm hoping to remain happy and well for as long as possible. Old Age is not SO bad - yet!

5 thoughts on “Dear Georgie Porgie

  1. The thing that confuses me is smoking is a win win situation for the government. Huge tax revenues and an allegedly shorter lifespan.

    And don’t be, for a moment, think that the government or the NHS, or in the main your GP is concerned about your personal well being, They’re purely motivated by the UN, the WHO and minority pressure. It confounds me, it really does.

    The formula for the government is easy to calculate, increase the tax to maintain the revenue and reduce the perceived liability by reducing the number of smokers. The government is as much addicted to the revenue as the smoker is addicted to cigarettes.

    The bonus to the government is the destruction of public houses, we don’t want people gathering and formulating collective opinions now do we, they may realise what a bunch of shits we really are.

    I get tired of stating and illustrating,what to me is, the blindingly obvious.

    Democracy, now there’s an idea.

    Enjoy the squirrels. On your return I think you’ll find nothing has changed.

    Sorry a bit ranty that.


  2. So whose army is going to stop me smoking? This is such rubbish. No one can do this to me. No chance. Forget it. Let’s not be silly about this.

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