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Tidal wave dreams


I had a terrible dream the other night. It was all about getting caught in a tidal wave – two actually.

I will not bore you with my dream, suffice to say, that both times I felt the water surround me, it was warm, not violent, but like a sort of amniotic fluid. I knew I could cope as I held on to a lamp post, and the second time, a high fence. But the devastation of my surroundings, bodies floating past me, flattened buildings and the terror of others around me, made me wake very distressed.

I looked up tidal wave dreams on the Internet.

Tidal waves often appear in our dreams when are under a lot of pressure or when significant change is occurring.  They may be a an indication that we feel a little overwhelmed, that maybe we fear we won’t be able to cope or adjust with what we see in our own future.  They may occur as recurring dreams, with the wave getting bigger or closer over subsequent nights.  This may correspond to our increasing anxiety, or the looming date we fear getting closer.  It is worth recognising that when we have these tidal wave dreams there is often an area of our life that we are not looking at clearly, or that we are avoiding.  Tidal wave and tsunami dreams remind us that if we don’t confront and deal with things that are out of balance in our life, then they will confront us first!  There are fewer clearer signs of confrontation than standing right before a towering body of surging water!”

I found myself IN the water.

I think the thing I don’t want to face is old age. Old age is already upon me. Mr Furlong isn’t as young as he was either.

The water was warm and comforting.

So far, being retired and “old” has been most enjoyable. My actual fear is that this situation won’t last.

Author: Elizabeth

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2 thoughts on “Tidal wave dreams

  1. Thank you for visiting The Dream Well and I am glad you found it of some relevance. It is always a tricky thing trying to help people understand their own dreams, each person’s experience is uniquely their own – you never capture them all in a single blog post! That being said, I would like to suggest you might also find the post on water helpful… it is one of the earliest posts and well overdue an update, but your comparison to amniotic fluid makes me think your own experience of water in the dream is quite deep and even spiritual… perhaps the destruction of the tidal wave is sweeping away old, outdated ways of being to allow for a new, more meaningful new phase of life to begin? i wish you all the best.


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