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Rose’s stuff on smoking in prisons


Rose often comments on Frank Davis’ blog. I don’t know who she is – but I was impressed with this comment she made recently…I am quoting it here – with thanks to Rose.

Thinking of captive populations, I wondered how the prison ban in the Isle of Man was going.

No smoking prison sparks drop in crime
Dec 2009

“A noticeable drop in recorded crimes on the Isle of Man is being attributed to the opening of Europe’s only completely no smoking prison.”
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Prison has “lost control” of smoking ban according to chief prison inspector – 2011

“That’s according to the chief inspector of prisons Nick Hardwick who inspected the prison in March.
Along with a team from the HM Inspectorate of Prisons he visited the prison in Jurby and found that prisoners were flouting the smoking ban – often in full view of prison staff.

The Isle of Man Prison is Europe’s only completely non-smoking prison. The ban was introduced in 2008 following the prison’s move from Douglas to the north of the Island. The report, which has been published today, found that the total ban had resulted in a “large number of negative outcomes”.

Nick explained: “Many prisoners appeared to be intensively and creatively engaged in circumventing the smoking ban.
“They boiled up nicotine patches, soaked fruit peel or other substances in it and then rolled cigarettes from the resulting ‘tobacco’ in pages from dictionaries and bibles held together with toothpaste. Lights were obtained from kettle elements and electrical wiring.

“We saw this happening in full view of staff and were satisfied it was a wide spread and long standing occurrence.”
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Ex-prisoners speak out on smoking ban
Oct 2013

“The Isle of Man’s prison authorities remain adamant the prison smoking ban is working, despite a number of claims to the contrary from ex prisoners.

The prison’s deputy governor Nigel Fisher recently told the Isle of Man Newspapers the smoking ban was effectively enforced and a report two years ago claiming the situation was out of control with the ban routinely flouted was ‘somewhat exaggerated’.

But following that statement a number of former inmates have contacted the paper to dispute this.

‘The lads make up their own cigarettes which is obviously 10 times more harmful – so it’s obviously not working,’ said Aaron Roberts from Anagh Coar who served a couple of weeks two years ago.

He said cigarettes were often fashioned using Bible pages as cigarette papers stuck together using wood glue.

‘That’s using pages with ink on and glue so there are chemicals in there.’

All former prisoners who contacted Isle of Man Newspapers said prisoners were using nicotine patches, issued to them to help them stop smoking, to make cigarettes. This was done by boiling them in water to extract the nicotine then soaking anything from tea bags to dried fruit peel or even fluff from the tumble drier – whatever was available – in the fluid. The substances were then dried out, shredded and used in place of tobacco.”

Complete with helpful video showing you how to roll a prison style cigarette, including how to strip a nicotine patch.

Isle of Man prisoner’s e-cigarette appeal rejected
Nov 2013

“A prisoner’s appeal to be allowed to smoke e-cigarettes in jail has been rejected by the Manx government on health and safety grounds.

The home affairs department said not enough is known about the health implications of electronic cigarettes to sanction their use.”
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Thank you Rose  – I have found this situation exposes the complete disconnect Government has with reality. It’s sadly, excruciatingly funny, if you know what I mean.


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I'm someone also pounding the Path, just like you.. I'm retired, going into Old Age and loving my life. I'm hoping to remain happy and well for as long as possible. Old Age is not SO bad - yet!

2 thoughts on “Rose’s stuff on smoking in prisons

  1. You are very welcome.

    I am a housewife and enthusiastic amateur gardener from Yorkshire and take a keen interest in who is behind all this disruption to my formerly quiet little world.

    I just found this post when I was looking for previous links on prisoner’s use of teabags after smoking bans, so thank you too.


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