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Crop circles 2014 – a message to the aliens

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The Crop Circles in 2014 seem to be almost as disappointing  as 2013. The standard has dropped! This is blamed on the fear factor of heavy fines if you are caught. The farmers have had enough crops ruined by circles, circle makers and tourists.

In 1995, Mr Furlong and I were visiting in Wiltshire. Our hostess got a call from the next door farmer to say there was a new circle in his field and we raced over to see it. It was truly magical for me. Mr Furlong gets less excited. He stood on the perimeter of the circle which was quite difficult to get to being on the edge of a ditch, and I scrambled into the middle of it full of energised delight that I might have been one of the first in. Mr Furlong kept guard at the ditch. I sat on the folded wheat in the centre and  tried to meditate. It was  somewhat bad – too excited – especially on noticing that  the laid down wheat was intricately platted this way and that. That was the moment I became a believer that some how, not ALL crop circles are man made.  There is no way in hell a team of circle makers could have plaited all that in one night!

Here is a sloppy example from 2014 followed by the nicest crop circle I could find. I am truly disappointed that such mysterious things are now lacking quality control. Aliens out there, please do better next year!



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