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No discipline – future shit

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I really don’t approve of how children are fawned on in these modern times. The strangest paradox is that we live in such repressed times in some ways, 1984 looks reasonably tame. Yet there is no discipline when it comes to children How are they going to live in such a regulated, legislated, politically correct world?

I’ve always thought of children as being small adults. I can’t bear to see them manipulated – abused really – with mind-games we now play on them. “No, you are not doing that” is a good answer and retribution is a smack. The same rule applies to all adults. The Laws say   “No, you are not doing that” and the penal system is the retribution.

One might ask, what gives either the parent, or the Law the right to punish? And to me, it’s the leadership to keep order in the home and society. Everyone knows where they stand. Its safe. And the other humans are able to function properly too.

Children aren’t stupid. They are thinking creatures who can see hypocrisy, dishonestly, fake enthusiasm, fake praise, manipulation and power games. They only have less life experience. Later on, they are going to suss out indoctrination at our hands.

And we are constantly pushing the idea of “fun” – learning, life, living, giving, getting, must be fun – no pain! What an unrealistic expectation to go into life with.

Could this be one reason for the me, me, me culture that is so prevalent in what we think of as civilised societies ? Everything is just for me, my comfort, my delight, my pleasure, my RIGHT. It’s bad enough now, when all our rights are clashing. If we don’t re-think the lies we tell children, there is going to be future shit.



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