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This is how our political system works in trying to pay back our National Debt – stacked odds and the eternal idea among the populous that any political party achieves anything at all.

Another election is upon us.

Lets be different!



Author: Elizabeth

I'm someone also pounding the Path, just like you.. I'm retired, going into Old Age and loving my life. I'm hoping to remain happy and well for as long as possible. Old Age is not SO bad - yet!

11 thoughts on “Vote UKIP

  1. There is a new series on TV called Ballot Monkeys. Really funny.

    Liked by 1 person

    • We like Newzoids – have you watched?


      • A bit difficult for me because I am restricted to Pirate Television. So only what is available. Although much of this is better than you probably get.
        Link available if you want it. But if you have never seen The Dr Blake Mysteries then you have never lived.
        My oh so welcome third follower is from Australia, and it’s a toss up of which of us will get him if he doesn’t marry Jean.

        But you were forever the first of my followers. And I will forever remain grateful for that.


        • Oh I LOVE Dr Blake. Last episode of the series had me yelling “You LOVE her – TELL her!” He needs a thump, silly fella. He could at least have kissed her. 😦


          • Wasn’t it so lovely. I was almost in tears. No, no, they didn’t kiss people in public in those days.

            And didn’t you just love it when that arsehole Policeman got his comeuppance. Entertainment at it’s very best.

            So you’ve been watching Pirate television as well, you naughty girl.

            Have you seen “Outlander”? Blocked by Westminster in case anyone sees how very badly The Scots have been treated from the start of the ill conceived Union.

            I have been reading the books of Diana Gabaldon for ten years now, and such glorious stories. Astounding to see them on camera, and totally close to how she wrote it.

            We are both mad, of course. But I know where it all goes, although it is not at an end yet. I am just about to buy her latest book in the series.

            Back to Dr Blake. There might be another season. There better had be. This one is my best ever.


            • Not watched Outlander. We have Sky and we get other movies – different. But I see Outlander has rave reviews. will check it out. thanks for suggestion – we obviously have similer tastes.


              • We always did have similar tastes. I knew that the first time I commented. I wouldn’t have bothered otherwise.
                The only much difference between thee and me is that you have a man. Although I’m not sure who is winning on that one.

                Hallo, Mr Furlong. It must be terrible to be married to such a self opinionated woman. But most good men have a cross to bear. Keep on in there. She does love you.


                • Mr Furlong is chuckling away at your comment….:-D


                  • Oh, good. I did wonder if he would ever speak to me again. Or you.

                    I am about to Blog again. But this is serious hard work. Do I really need this?


                    • Yes – good for your brain!


                    • What brain? I live in total fear of having a brain. It makes you think, and then you get ideas above your station, as my dear old Daddy used to say.

                      But I would much rather slag off my dear old daddy on your blog than on mine. Bloody half arsed Communist that he was, and patriarchal with it. Women didn’t have brains in his world. Daughters were just a minor aberration and the fault of their mother’s. So I started out with a distinct disadvantage.

                      And I only Blog because I like putting words on paper. What I have to say is actually irrelevant. But you have encouraged me somewhat.


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