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Dog drama and the Guru


I am severely deaf. I rely on Mr Furlong to listen out at night for noises off in the dark.  At two o’clock last night, I woke to hear a sort of twanging “chap””chap””chap” sound, distant and distorted. I put a hearing aid in. It was the Furlong dog. I recognised the bark immediately. It said “hunting””hunting””hunting” “come see””come see””come see”!

Well, it’s happened before – I remember blogging about it, but can’t remember which blog.  Hedgehog time!

Armed with a torch and garden shoes, knees knocking in the cold (very cold here last night) and taking the short training lead, I locate Furlong dog in what used to be a garden that now looks like war zone. All the cabling for the garden lights have been dug up. The plants too.  And in the center of the chaos, a large hedgehog .

We know from experience that Furlong dog never attacks the hedgehogs, who use our garden as a highway to the next one –  he digs and kicks  everything around it in his hunting frustration at being unable to get at them.

My inner Guru says that lots of people are like the Furlong dog in this situation. They cause mayhem in the surrounding environment trying to get what they want.  And they expend much energy and emotion in the process. To stop more collateral damage, someone else has to bother to contain them. I should be more like the hedgehog, who achieved ITS goal, by simply rolling up into a little ball and waiting till the situation changed.

I am more like a terrier and less like a hedgehog – how about about you?

I rushed out again to take these snaps before the Hog uncurled and scruffled off.




Author: thelastfurlong

I'm someone also pounding the Path, just like you.. I'm retired, going into Old Age and loving my life. I'm hoping to remain happy and well for as long as possible. Old Age is not SO bad - yet!

10 thoughts on “Dog drama and the Guru

  1. Jolly good photos. I had a dog who insisted on bringing them into the house through a large hole in the back door, put there by a dog working on a cat flap because he didn’t like being shut in.
    You haven’t lived until you have been bitten by a Hedgehog Flea. All Hedgehogs now go over the garden wall into the garden of largely absent owners. Followed each Summer by all of the Slugs and Snails that I remove from my Runner Beans. Supply and Demand, as it were.


    • I believe hedgehogs carry big time fleas! they are really cute – but not in the house. I chuck snails over into a sort of vacant bit next door – but I believe they are territorial and will just come back Aaaaargh I hate the slugs and snails here.


      • Nothing wrong with Slugs and Snails. They are part of the food chain. And I don’t kill anything that is useful.
        And nor do I think they come back. Two weeks of me and my torch, and the population in my garden diminishes drastically.

        Hedgehog Fleas? You don’t want to find out. I had to be sedated to get any sleep. It was horrendous.

        How did my dog pick up Hedgehogs? I have yet to find out.


  2. Lovely Hedgehog… I am like the dog… scattering energy. I am learning to be like the hog… but it takes practice and commitment. Its easier to be like the dog – I know how to do that.


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