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A most amazing experience – putting our dog to sleep

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In 2008, we had to put our dog to sleep. She was a West Highland White. But she had been badly bred. West Highlands often have skin disorders and we struggled with Grace (our Westie) for many years. Westies  don’t HAVE to have such suffering if the breeder takes care and doesn’t breed with mothers less than three years old, when the condition usually manifests. If they waited, they could eradicate the skin problem from the breed. But greed rules.

Anyway, we knew we had to “do the deed” and it was time. This decision to kill your own wonderful dog, is a really terrible one. But it has to be done. It’s LOVE.

I was sitting with Grace nestled on my lap, and I thought “What is the best way we could do this thing?” I imagined our vet coming into our lounge and putting Gracie to sleep right there and then. And that she would just drift off on my lap, where she was comfortable and being lovingly caressed by me.

I phoned the vet. But he had a foaling to attend (we live in a farming area), and he couldn’t come. I was disappointed, but I went on with my daydream about the perfect death for Gracie. I felt full with emotion, mainly of love for her, and us too, for all the suffering we had done together in our lives with each other. I believe manifesting anything must come from a place of LOVE.

It wasn’t long, before the phone rang. The vet was free, and he was coming right away.

And it all went exactly as I had visualised the perfect death would be. Gracie just went on sleeping on my lap – forever.

We loved each other SO much, we made a perfect thing happen.

Here’s Grace’s official portrat as a young girl…

ed Gracie

Here’s Grace as our daughter painted her….. isn’t she beautiful? This picture still “fills me up”.

Gracie painting



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