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The Reshuffle – people prepared to go down on a sinking ship


This month, I watched live as the reshuffle happened in David Cameron’s government. I CANNOT understand why reshuffles happen. Why change people’s jobs in government so they can be more incompetent than they already are? But by 8 o’clock I gave up wondering at the stupidity of it all when I realised it’s all a sinking ship anyway. This is only part of the new crew for drowning for by 7:40pm, my brain had boggled and I gave up following it all. I don’t care – I won’t be voting for them anyway.

Here are part of the doomed crew.

7:40pm: Andrew Lansley is stepping down as an MP at the election.
6:40pm: Tobias Ellwood appointed FCO PUSS.
5:00pm: Jo Johnson promoted to Minister of State at Cabinet Office.
4:58pm: Sam Gymiah is PUSS at DfE.
4:02pm: Whips: Mel Stride, Therese Coffey, Ben Wallace & Damian Hinds.
3:59pm: Alun Cairns is PUSS at Wales Office.
2:05pm: Brooks Newmark is Parliamentary Secretary at Cabinet Office.
2:00pm: Ed Vaizey Minister of State at DCMS and BIS.
1:59pm: Brandon Lewis made Minister of State at DCLG.
1:47pm: Andrew Murrison is PUSS at Northern Ireland.
1:46pm: George Freeman becomes Minister for Life Sciences.
1:40pm: Julian Brazier becomes PUSS at MoD.
1:36pm: Desmond Swayne is Minister of State at DFID.
1:33pm: Robert Buckland becomes Solicitor General.
1:22pm: Liam Fox turns down a job at FCO.
1:14pm: Nick Gibb is returning to Government as Minister of State at DfE.
12:30pm: Penny Mordaunt is the new PUSS at DCLG.
12:29pm: Amber Rudd is Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at DECC.
12:25pm: Priti Patel becomes Exchequer Secretary at the Treasury.
12:25pm: Claire Perry becomes a Transport minister.
12:18pm: Oliver Lewtin becomes Lord Privy Seal.
12:12pm: Anna Soubry is Minister of State at Defence.
12:10pm: John Hayes appointed Minister of State at Transport.
12:07pm: David Gauke is Financial Secretary to the Treasury.
11:35am: Mark Harper appointed Minister of State at DWP.
11:32am: Nick Boles is Minister of State at Education and BIS.
11:30am: Mike Penning is Minister of State at Home Office and MoJ.
11:14am: Matt Hancock is Minister of State for BIS, DECC and Portsmouth. He will attend Cabinet.
11:11am: Jeremy Wright is the new Attorney General.
11.00am: Baroness Stowell replaces Jonathan Hill as Lords Leader.
10:43am: Lord Hill is the PM’s nomination for European Commissioner.
10.34am: Greg Clark becomes Minister for Universities, Cities and Science.
10:27am: Esther McVey continues at DWP and will now attend Cabinet.
9:55am: Michael Fallon is the new Defence Secretary.
9:30am: New Environment Secretary is Liz Truss.
9:25am: Nicky Morgan replaces Gove as Education Secretary.
9.12am: Michael Gove is moved to Chief Whip.



Author: thelastfurlong

I'm someone also pounding the Path, just like you.. I'm retired, going into Old Age and loving my life. I'm hoping to remain happy and well for as long as possible. Old Age is not SO bad - yet!

5 thoughts on “The Reshuffle – people prepared to go down on a sinking ship

  1. Not important. They have lost the plot. All of them. But I don’t live in Britain so I don’t really care anymore.

    One of the reasons for why I left UK was because I had entirely lost track of the land of my birth. But then I never did feel English.

    I am a Celt you see. And no one really understands us. Battered and bemused, we would rather bog off than watch the land of our birth driven into the dirt than stay there and fight.

    But then without the once Great Britain, we would never have been born in England in the first place.


  2. It’s hoping that, like shuffling a pack of cards, an ace will emerge – but it’s usually a joker!


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