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Ugly antics by Remain trigger hate

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The Furlongs are Leavers. We always have been. And because I love following politics, we have watched the antics of Leave and Remain, very carefully. I was pleased to watch the dignity and restraint exhibited in all the TV debates we’ve watched so far by the Leave representatives in the face of personal attacks and hate speech practised by Remain representatives.

At one point, in the IT V debate (posted below) I squirmed in my seat for being a woman watching shrill, bitchy harpies – women – attacking their opposition in a “Debate”! Debates are not personal bitch-fests for Gods sake!

Listen to the shrieking harridans. Nicola Sturgeon, Angela Eagle and Amber Rudd made me ashamed.

Very ugly.

Women behaving badly.

Women displaying hate.

Furthermore, The Battle for the Thames was a despicable intrusion into a legitimate protest by our fishermen when  the Remain campaign in the personage of privileged millionaire Geldof was disrespectful of the fisherman and made a personal attack on Nigel Farage.

Because of course if today was just Geldof taking the opportunity to get on a boat with a load of his friends and hurl abuse at people who want to vote leave, that wouldn’t be a very good look for the Remain campaign would it?

No it doesn’t

It’s horrible.

It’s not acceptable.

So now we have a sad, sad shooting of Jo Cox.

Two hours after her death, her husband Brendan – with whom she has two young children, aged three and five – tweeted a photograph of her and urged people to ‘fight against the hatred that killed her.’

In a democracy where our English Language can be used as a tool of persuasion or pacification, we should avoid using inflammatory speech. You never know whose hate it can trigger.


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