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Fascist poster that encourages violence – can anyone explain?

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Here is the poster that is “fascist” and encourages “violence”. And there is Nigel Farage who gets all the crap thrown at him, standing next to it.

So I ask myself what this poster said to me when I looked at it.

It said “The EU is a mess”

It said “The problem of the sheer numbers of people entering EU countries is going to break it”

It said “The EU is not going to manage the tide of people flowing into it as the world population moves”

It said “This is a problem that’s going to spin-off to all members of the EU”

It said to me “Good idea to vote Leave”

Watching the vitriolic attack Nigel Farage got for posing with this poster, I realised that there is NO ONE ELSE to be vitriolic to in the Leave campaign. All the other people involved are either Conservative or Labour.

But it’s SO easy to be nasty about Nigel Farage. David Cameron called him, and UKIP, “fruitcakes” – that was before UKIP became a legitimate political party elected to Parliament. Fancy a Prime Minister actually calling a whole group of voters “fruitcakes”?

Who else can you call “fascist”?

Who else is SO EASY to insult?

Who else is the person we can thank the most for getting us a referendum in the first place?

David Cameron? No – It’s Nigel Farage and the “fruitcakes” that have brought this about.

What is “fascist” about this poster?

How does it promote violence?

Is there something I am missing?

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