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Herpetic neuralgia – yet I live


I think I am getting better. Today was the first day of the last dozen, that I didn’t wake up in excruciating, EXCRUCIATING, pain.

I thought Shingles was a sort of skin infection that affected your skin with horrid blisters and sensitivity. But NO!

Shingles worms its way  into your NERVES. You get herpetic neuralgia in the side where the blisters have erupted. That’s what the terrible pain is called “herpetic neuralgia”. My blisters started just below my shoulder on my arm.  So the neuralgia was (is?) in my shoulder and arm.

Antivirals stopped my blisters from forming any further and they have shriveled and disappeared. So they won’t leave scars on my wrinkly arms, but who actually cares about that when it’s the PAIN that really matters.

The pain must be up there with any kind of torture a person could devise. Every single person I have told that I have Shingles has said “Oh poor thing – the pain!”

So I have taken the pills. LOADS of them. My days have been a blur. I have slept in my nights, until the pain killers have worn off.

With deep gratitude to the Drug Companies, I say – thank you for reducing the pain with your devilish potions.

I hope the hell this damn infection will go away now.

Author: Elizabeth

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3 thoughts on “Herpetic neuralgia – yet I live

  1. I haven’t got any blisters, so it probably isn’t Shingles. But my shoulder is killing me, which is why I can’t sleep.
    Paracetamol is doing absolutely nothing to help.


    • I’ve been taking codeine AND paracetamol and at night, Amiltryptalene to relax the muscles – and other stuff for the actual virus.Sorry about your shoulder – I feel your pain!


      • I have just been out hacking Ivy off the wall. What else do I expect? But Ivy waits for no man to get better while it burrows under the roof.

        And now I am rattling my brain sneezing.


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