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To type two diabetics – my solution

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A week ago, in desperation, I thought I’d try this whacky Carnivore Diet.

I wrote a post called “It’s a puzzlement – blood sugar”. I just cannot lower my blood sugar.

I’ve tried just about every diet under the sun. And all those put about by the health dieticians.

Some mix of foods in all those ways of eating, simply does not reduce my glucose readings. I started to get exstatic if my readings were 7.9 mmol, rather than eights or nines.

As I have aged, what was once pre diabetes has hardened into proper diabetes. I know my next Hba1c at the surgery will be horrible.

I have to take myself in hand. Having sugar nibbling away silently at all your internal organs, eyes and limbs, is not acceptable. Many people don’t realise that type two diabetes is unnoticeable in you until you notice it. And by that time you’ve been nibbled lots!

Type two’s search for solutions in drugs.

But I don’t do drugs.

So, as I was saying, I am trying the Carnivore Diet. You only eat meat or animal products like eggs.

It has been miraculous! I repeat, it has been miraculous.


The miracle started on the morning after my first day. My sugar readings hit the low sevens. The next day, the sixes. And yesterday?

5.9 mmol.


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