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Type two diabetes, carnivore

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My last post was on the success of the carnivore diet in reducing my blood sugar, immediately, after my first day. My post had a lot of views, so I thought I should give an update to the Type two’s reading it.

But the change has side effects. I got headaches for two days. I felt weak on my walks. After a day or two, I lost all my vigour. But one afternoon, after a weak walk, I suddenly felt different – sharp in the head, optimistic, energetic. And I have been so for several days.

I shifted into proper ketosis. I feel great.

I’m wondering if I’ll lose muscle mass? I’m thinking of gradually introducing different foods. First only animal foods, and later, to see what exactly gives me high sugar readings even when I’m eating a “well balanced” diet. I cannot eat as much as the carnivores say you should. And you must drink water. I’ve always had a small appetite.

Please look up the carnivore diet on the Internet. It’s not me promoting it. I’m simply reporting what happened to my stubborn blood sugar on it. My blood sugar reading averages about 6 mmol and sometimes drops into 5+mmol

And that’s a bloody miracle!

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