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Have you heard of Hagfish?

I accidentally came upon this report about an apocalypse of Hagfish – Continue reading

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So my ‘heart attack’might be something else…

Since my ‘heart attack‘  last week, two things have happened. I have developed THE most excruciating sciatica that I have to walk bent over like a zombie until the pain has eased a little. I have done loads of sciatica exercises to no avail. Continue reading


God stuff and shit you didn’t know

If this offends you – tough shit! Tweet your complaint to #thoughtsandprayers

But I found it quite funny.

And smiling improved my pain….. Continue reading


A bit of a cock-up

I have always written this blog as “The Last Furlong”. I make everything short and sweet and topics can be about absolutely anything I feel like posting. There’s no set theme. Continue reading


My “heart attack” night

Mr Furlong and I have taken to sleeping in separate beds. We don’t “fit” anymore.

I have a sore wrist and forearm that only troubles me at night and I have to stretch it out on the bed to get comfortable. And Mr Furlong has shoulder pain for which he has to do the same.

But in the opposite direction. Continue reading


Am I the only one who doesn’t believe this? Grenfell Tower

Perhaps there is something wrong with me? Alzheimer’s maybe?

Scotland Yard has estimated that 350 people were resident in Grenfell Tower on the night of the fire which tore through the block of flats in west London last month.

I was sure I had read somewhere Grenfell Towers housed about 600 people. Continue reading

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Animals That look Like Celebrities!

Loved this! I need some light relief! Re-blogged with thanks.

lt logo 

This one with Putin is just scary!

As is this Richard Branson one!

Ron Perlman meets his permed doppelganger.

Which one is the dawg?

The Dali Llama…literally!

Taylor Lautner and equally ‘squinchy-faced’ friend

Harrsion Ford’s quizzical expression is doubled.

Madonna. The frog plays a mean guitar and is also a marine biologist.Peyton Manning’s double.

Strut Cat and Leonardo Di Caprio.

Ron Perlman meets yet another doppelganger…no perm.

Mckayla Maroney and Red Rabbit do not approve.


‘Ner ner ner!’

Such beautiful hair. Julia Roberts style is nice too.

Eric Stonestreet.

Rafael Nadal and a capybara getting passionate about tennis.

David Duchovny.

Any favourites? Whack it in the comments below! 🙂

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