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Tim Farron – not in our name!

Our area voted hugely in favour of LEAVING the EU.

Here is the list of Members of Parliament who voted to BLOCK night before last’s  parliamentary bill. Continue reading



Scurvy scoundrels

Brexit is a big thing.  The United Kingdom is freeing itself from The Fourth Reich.  Continue reading


Looking for love

I was amused to read Head Rambles blog post about how he disliked his son-in-law. It’s very funny, and the Furlongs have been there. Currently we like our sons-in-law.  Continue reading


It’s official – it’s science – God does you good

I am so absolutely tired of scientist ‘trashing’ religion as Richard Dawkins has done so obsessively for an interminably long time (it seems).  Continue reading

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Toy story three

Oh. I’m exhausted with the stress of watching Buzz Lightyear, Woody and friends escape being crushed, run over, burned in a furnace and otherwise survive till the moment of death overcomes them. And then miraculously rescued. Continue reading


Blackberry playbook blues

I have two BlackBerry playbooks. It’s such a waste! I hardly ever use them. They are so beautifully made.


I’ve dug them out and am trying to use them again.

I’ve reinstalled the rim operating system. Wow it seems to have been updated. That’s a surprise! For years I longed for an update. BlackBerry stuff used to be fantastic

in the beginning.

But their rim system has been completely superseded by Apple and android.

BlackBerry playbook used to be my midnight friend when I first started blogging here on WordPress. But now WordPress’s ‘new and improved!!!! system doesn’t work on BlackBerry playbook.


I’ve found I can still use the old dashboard system – the old GOOD system that WordPress replaced to make a post at midnight should I feel like it. I have to overcome a few glitches to do it but, SEE! I have posted here from my old playbook.

I’ll even try inserting a photo. If you don’t see it, I couldn’t do it.

Elephant skipping languidly seems to have been updated.

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A lesson for today

Here is the lesson for today!