The Last Furlong

Comments on the race of life.


The lost art of frugality

I woke up wondering what has happened to the idea that being frugal is a virtue. Continue reading


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Back from hols depression

I don’t get depressed much now days – but if I remember my life, I think I was depressed for all of the first bit of it. Firstly, I had a strange upbringing. I had a disastrous first marriage that I stuck in for ten years because, in those days, women in Africa who walked out on their husbands, lost all rights to their children. And both our parents said “You must stay with each other for the sake of the children”.  Continue reading

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Wipe out mystery

The day we left for our hols, the heatwave started. It’s not over yet.

No rain.



Day after day ….

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Our hols

At school, teachers used to give the topic of ‘My holiday’ for compositions or essays. They probably don’t do that any more. And ‘My dream’ was popular too. Continue reading

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Precious poo

Have you ever thought of World Leaders or Heads of States’ poo? Continue reading


Hair raising

On Tuesday I had my hair cut and a permed. What a terrible shock . Continue reading


A pigeon death – but not for pigeon pie

Mr Furlong arrived in the hide (my bedroom) the morning after the terrible gales holding a pigeon – a nice fat pigeon.  Continue reading