The Last Furlong

Comments on the race of life.

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Looking for a new dog? What about Spot?

If you were looking for a new dog, Spot might be an option.  Continue reading


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Being our dog’s executor

I put together a dog-pack of good stuff to give away on Freegle (a site for giving away free second hand stuff in your area.) Continue reading

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The last will and testament of Bobby

Bobby died intestate – but really, he left us all his possessions.

And, boy, that’s a lot of stuff! Continue reading


The benefits of not having a dog

The benefits of not having a dog are that we are free not to worry about him anymore – to wonder if he will deteriorate rapidly at the age of almost thirteen. Continue reading


Jeremy Paxman and 3000+ offended comments

Well, well. I never liked Jeremy Paxman the television interviewer. He’s not clever – he’s just rude. But he has suggested that people over 65 have their voting rights removed.  Continue reading


We lost our dog – RIP Bobby

Our old dog had a very quick end. He had a massive spleenic haemorrhage.

We had to have him put to sleep yesterday.

He had a cancer on the spleen which ruptured.

What a shock!

He seemed fine in the morning – but obviously he wasn’t.

What a wonderful dog he was. The BEST EVER!

Here he is in his heyday…


Snow at last

At last we’ve had snow.

Proper snow. Continue reading