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I kid you not – cigarette tax


How we can twist words!

This morning I read an article from an Australian paper.

TAXPAYERS have been ripped off by at least $640 million because of illicit tobacco shipped by criminal gangs and dodgy importers in the last five years alone.

TAXPAYERS? TAXPAYERS? Taxpayers have been ripped off?

The government there takes $25 dollars (is it dollars?) from the purchase of ONE pack of fags at $30 dollars. Ripped off? Who is being ripped off?

In the UK here, the tax on a pack of smokes is 90%. Ripped off? Who is being ripped off?

A department spokeswoman told the Daily Telegraph that “illicit tobacco is an attractive market for organised criminal syndicates due to the lucrative profits that can be made in evaded tax”.

I kid you not!

I can hardly get my head around that. Evaded tax for criminal syndicates?

If I still smoked, I would buy illicit stuff – as a matter of PRINCIPLE!

Link to Illicit tobacco imports ripping off Aussie taxpayers of at least $640 million



Author: Elizabeth

I'm someone also pounding the Path, just like you.. I'm retired, going into Old Age and loving my life. I'm hoping to remain happy and well for as long as possible. Old Age is not SO bad - yet!

3 thoughts on “I kid you not – cigarette tax

  1. “If I still smoked, I would buy illicit stuff – as a matter of PRINCIPLE!”

    For once we agree. Not paying ‘UK Duty Paid’ is not only a matter of financial survival (even I struggle to afford £20 a day for 50g of tobacco) but a moral question. I refuse to pay for my persecution, that really is adding insult to injury. Which is why this very morning i have booked a ‘Baccy Run’ day trip to Belgium. Pouch of tobacco cost just shy of £8 there. Even if I were only to bring back the MIL it would be a saving of £150 -not bad for a day wasted sitting on my arse. Been a whiles since i earned that sort of money.

    I HATE and LOATH coach travel, always have even before the smoking verbot…but needs must etc.

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  2. I had prevaricated about buying ticket I hate coach travel that much (and I’m a skinflint!). But finally ‘bit into the sour apple’ as The Bestes Frau In The World’s people say. Looks like it was the right decision because a minute ago I met up with the mate who was going to be bringing me back a load of rolling tobacco from foreign parts….but terrorists had closed the airport (f**king ISIS!) and he couldn’t even get any for himself. (and was also diverted from Stansted to Gatwick).

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