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Christel Leleu-Ferro – Tourrettes Var


We found this artist – Christel – in her Atelier in Tourrettes Var. In our broken French – well OK – non-existent French – we had a jolly good conversation about art and her art.

Her Studio is called Figures Vives – mmm, how do you say? – Living Figures? And her work moves with vitality. Christel, herself, is vibrant and enthusiastic and so, for us, we could see her personality appear in her art. It’s vigorous!

I only have a photo of her shop – but I’m putting a link here to her website. If you are interested in art, you will see how lively her work is – and we saw her portraits. Art it always better in real life – always!

Her portraits are remarkable. Many are huge. She paints the same face, over and over, until it has “fed” her completely and she has taken the last vestige out of it. Her last in the series of Nelson Mandela portraits was very interesting to me. It wasn’t large. She painted it on engineering diagrams that appear in the background, of a finer, translucent layer of the face, as if, on some deep inner signal, it had now become emotionally desiccated for her and “mechanised”. Well that’s how I took it anyway.

Here is  a picture of her studio followed by her website link which you can translate into English.

Christel's shop (1)

Figures Vives

If you love art, you will find her site interesting. Enjoy.


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6 thoughts on “Christel Leleu-Ferro – Tourrettes Var

  1. So glad you are having a good time. I am very proud of France. And they don’t care if you can’t speak French, so long as you try.


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