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Claudia Wypych – Tourrettes Var

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There is wonderful art in Tourrettes Var. The whole town is an art exhibition.

The Furlong French is negligible, yet we have managed excellent conversations. Claudia Wypych has a studio in Tourrettes Var and in the window is the most stunning Scarab. That was what drew us in to her studio/atelier. 

I have always loved Scarabs.

In Claudia’s work, I see the same thing that attracted me to Marjory Owen’s work.  Especially in Claudia’s large paintings. They contain detail that is NOT there! Somehow, one’s eye magically adds them if they are personally important, or is delighted by their absence if they are not.

Claudia mixes many of her own colours and textures from local rocks and stones. Lots of her work is a comment on insects – scarabs, scorpions, cicadas. Or contains symbols. Some of her work is large, and some is small (and affordable).

Here is the scarab the Furlongs could NOT afford!

Claudia's Scarab

We took the photo when Claudia kindly moved it out of the window where it was obscured by reflection, into the street outside her atelier – The Five Lands – Les Cinq Terres.

Link to Five Lands – on the Tourrettes Var Website – you will need to translate.


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