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A re-blog about the Miracle of Second Hand Smoke


Unfortunately, I cannot simply re-blog this post. It comes from Head Rambles. The Miracle that is Second Hand Smoke.

The last time I did this – promoting someone else’s post on their blog, on my blog (with the acknowledging links) but without “re-blogging” it formally, I got shat upon by the blogger concerned and warned about copyright suits! For gods sakes. That taught me the lesson that some bloggers protect their reputations VERY seriously – with a legal team!

Fancy that!

I notified Head Rambles I was going to share his post, and pointed out that there was no “share” button to do it with.

SO THIS IS HEAD RAMBLES POST TODAY. I loved it. Funny but true. 

Since it was invented last century, scientists have discovered that SHS has some really amazing properties.

First and foremost there is its amazing toxicity.  Even compared to barbecues and bonfires, second hand smoke is unique in it’s ability to cause a heart attack within minutes of exposure.

It is in fact so toxic that it is considered by some to be more toxic than the smoke inhaled by the smoker.

It is immune to wind.  Even on an open beach or a public park, wind has no effect on SHS which will spread its toxic cloud evenly across the whole area.  It neither disperses nor dilutes.

It can travel through walls and along telephone wires.  This surely must be one of its strangest properties?  A fire wall between apartments can stop a fire and ordinary smoke but not second hand smoke.

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5 thoughts on “A re-blog about the Miracle of Second Hand Smoke

  1. We are all Doomed. Don’t worry about it.


      • I have absolutely no idea of what second hand smoke can do. But I do suspect that first hand smoke might have killed me off sooner. It hasn’t yet.

        I took up smoking at the age of sixteen, sixty years ago, because I was rightfully pissed off with the way in which I was being treated, but didn’t quite know how to defend myself. It was a kicking over of the traces. My statement.

        It has saved me from life long depression. Have a fag when the going gets a bit rough. And then keep on going.


        • Our kids all grew up in Second Hand Smoke – they’re all fine. I loved smoking. My best and most memorable times were with a cigarette. I hate the new Anti Smoking Movement. They forget how healing smoking is for many life situations. And they have ruined society.


        • I don’t know what to say. Common sense tells me that smoking is an expensive and not a frightfully good habit.. But then I have never felt motivated to pop anti depressants. Might they have been better for me?

          I am somewhat of an emotionally damaged human being, although only by order of The Universe. So many of us are.

          I just get on with it. And mostly don’t give it a second thought. Have a fag when tho going gets a bit rough.


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