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A lonely little Petunia in a Nemode patch

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When I was a kid, we used to pinch our noses and sing in a nasal voice “I’m a lonely little Petunia in an Onion Patch”

God knows why. I presume there must have been a song we’d heard.

Last year, the slug problem in our garden seemed cured. I watered the garden with Nematodes. I haven’t seen a slug since. This year Mr Furlong bravely bought a tray of petunia plantlings.

I gave up growing Petunias years ago here in the UK. They all got eaten by slugs. In my experience Petunias are slugs’ most favourite food. Hell, they even ate my Petunias in hanging baskets!

So now we have six Petunias growing in a nematode treated garden.

There is always hope.

This year is the big test.

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