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WHO-EU-UK stitch up for smokers/vapers


The new regulations drawn up by squint eyed, ignorant and fundamentalist EU bureaucrats to ensure smokers and vapers are well screwed, is just out.  If you read from the beginning you will see how smokers are affected.

Section 10 applies to electronic cigarettes. I have just picked out a few portions from THAT section.

The Tobacco and Related Products Regulations 2016

(10) For the purposes of paragraph (8), a product has a mechanism for ensuring re-filling without leakage if the mechanism—


(i)the use of a refill container possessing a securely attached nozzle at least 9 millimetres long which is narrower than, and slots comfortably into, the opening of the tank of the electronic cigarette, and

(ii)in the case of refill containers, a flow control mechanism that emits no more than 20 drops of refill liquid per minute when placed vertically and subjected only to atmospheric pressure at a temperature between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius; or

(b)operates by means of a docking system which only releases refill liquids into the tank of an electronic cigarette when the electronic cigarette and refill container are connected.

I already have trouble filling my tanks, so I anticipate this is going to make things more difficult for anyone with disabilities to get e liquid out of the minuscule 10ml bottles required.

All the usual warnings that spread fear and dread about smoking will have to be on these tiny bottles – even though vaping isn’t smoking! Can you imagine the size of the print? One blessing is it will be so small, no one will be able to make it out.

From HERE you will find more provisions.

Here is a small section on advertising. I assume this is to ensure no smoker can find out about vaping if they’d like to try it as a substitute for smoking. That way, the sales of cigarettes and the TAX they generate can be kept up and their companions, patches, gum, and other profitable stuff can continue unaffected.

No advertising of electronic cigarettes in the press etc.

42.—(1) No person may in the course of a business publish, or procure the publication of, an electronic cigarette advertisement in a newspaper, periodical or magazine.

(2) No person may in the course of a business sell, offer for sale or otherwise make available to the public a newspaper, periodical or magazine containing an electronic cigarette advertisement.

(3) Paragraphs (1) and (2) do not apply—

(a)to a newspaper, periodical or magazine which is intended exclusively for professionals in the trade of electronic cigarettes or refill containers; or

(b)to a newspaper, periodical or magazine which is printed and published in a third country and is not principally intended for the Union market.


Sponsorship of events etc.

44.—(1) No person may in the course of a business provide electronic cigarette sponsorship to—

(a)an event or activity which takes place in or has an effect in two or more member States (“a cross-border event or activity”); or

(b)an individual taking part in a cross-border event or activity.

(2) In this regulation “electronic cigarette sponsorship” means any form of public or private contribution to any event, activity or individual, with the aim or direct or indirect effect of promoting an electronic cigarette or refill container.

And then the punishments – as if the whole Tobacco Products Directive is not a punishment in itself !


51.  A person guilty of an offence under these Regulations is liable—

(a)on summary conviction—

(i)in England and Wales to imprisonment for a term not exceeding three months, or a fine or both, or

(ii)in Scotland, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding twelve months, or a fine not exceeding level 5 on the standard scale, or both;

(iii)in Northern Ireland, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding three months, or a fine not exceeding level 5 on the standard scale, or both; or

(b)on conviction on indictment to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 2 years, or a fine, or both.

All these pages and pages of stuff are EU DIRECTIVES that our Government has to comply with.

The EU have this kind of stuff – reams and reams of it – about anything you could imagine from electric kettles to the plants I grow in my garden.

Stuff them – vote leave!

They are nuts.


Author: Elizabeth

I'm someone also pounding the Path, just like you.. I'm retired, going into Old Age and loving my life. I'm hoping to remain happy and well for as long as possible. Old Age is not SO bad - yet!

2 thoughts on “WHO-EU-UK stitch up for smokers/vapers

  1. Seconded, out now, but I’m not optimistic at all. If it looks like smoke it is smoke, conversation over.

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