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Rich feeding grounds

Everyday Mr Furlong and I watch TV. There’s something tedious about the TV nowadays we’ve watched so much. Apart from the occasional interesting program, there are stories and dramas built on the template of woke. You can tick it off.

One frenetic strong female breaking the bonds of repression.

One struggling disabled person.

One black person breaking the bonds of repression, or trapped in them.

One trans person or gay person (any gender is fine) hurting from the situation or persecution thereof.

Quick guiltless copulation.



Oh man, it gets boring after awhile.

So this is the deal. If you want to escape it all and be educated, informed, intriqued, inspired, excited, and escape the ‘formula’, visit YouTube. Into the search bar, type in DOCUMENTARIES ( no it doesn’t have to be capslock. caps is only to make the word stand out in this post).

But ‘DOCUMENTARIES’ isn’t enough. Type in ‘crime’ or ‘history’ or ‘engineering’ or ‘politics’ or ‘philosophy’ or ‘food’ or ‘pets’ or ‘nature’ or ‘cosmos’ or ‘spiritual’ or ‘celebrity ‘ or ‘gardens’ or ‘fashion’ or ‘culture’ or ‘education’ or, or, or. (Pick and choose)

Oh man!

You will be set free from the formula and enter the largest fishing grounds of knowledge in all of History.

Well, that’s the deal.

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Oh, I’ve been enjoying the live cams on the internet. There are so many.

Last night, Mr Furlong and I happily watched the train junction at Crewe! We saw seven trains pass through and the clickerty clacking as they appeared and disappeared was strangely comforting.

In fact they are all great. Especially the ones you can be there, in the snow or ice, the bustling city centres (not bustling in lockdown), or underwater in real time from the comfort of the couch.

Heres my list. Enjoy!


SA birds




Animals and birds Germany

Critter cam, USA

Bears, Transylvania

Bears Alaska

Polar Bears

Trains Crewe

Train Norway

Times Sqare



Aurora (northern)

Planet Earth

Let me know if you find others!

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Two movies, good and useless

As usual, Mr Furlong and I are movie spotting.

On Prime, if you have it, is a little gem called ‘The Baker’. It has the funniest sex scene in it I’ve ever seen. And a delightfully British plot. The end result is a feeling of satisfaction at having been entertained and laughed. Fun, goofy and clever, it’s worth the time you spend watching it.

On the other hand, what not to watch is the new ‘Agatha and the Midnight Murders’ on channel 5.

Don’t waste your time.

It is dreary, cheaply made, and bears nothing to resemble any kind of good whodunnit. Agatha herself would have been ashamed. It has a laboured feeling about it, as if it’s trying, but let me tell you, its very trying! Avoid. Then you won’t be disappointed.

Other tips on filling your time whilst shielding/self isolation, is to entertain yourself by simply surfing YouTube. Mr Furlong and I listen to a lot of music there. It makes us feel good.

Hows this for clever? A new slant on a classical piece.,…