The Last Furlong

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Fate, Kismet, Karma

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Mr Furlong received a very nice navy blue jacket for his birthday from one of our children.

Unfortunately there was something faulty about the zip and he returned it to the shop where they replaced it with a new one.

Mr Furlong wears that jacket regularly. He likes it very much.

Yesterday as we were otherwise busy, I was out and Mr Furlong was working in his man shed, Bass, the dog, dragged the jacket off the chair where Mr Furlong had slung it in his bedroom, pulled it up onto Mr Furlong’s bed and proceeded to gnaw off several sections of the zip.

Mr Furlong is not happy.

But I think there is some fate, karma or kismet that Mr Furlong has to endure a situation where a jacket that he really likes, is rendered zip less in some way.

Besides chewing the eye off the green plastic garden frog, Bass the dog has not chewed up anything else.

The dog walker is going to be surprised to find sections of Mr Furlong’s jacket in this morning’s poo.

And I am going to have to hide my cosy dressing gown which has always had an unreliable zip, lest Mr Furlong’s karma spreads to me!

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