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Vodaphone and sticky keys

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Mrs Furlong (me) has a Vodaphone SIM card for my tiny tiny smart phone that I take on walks, in case, in my dotage, I fall down a bank, get assaulted, or experience any other incident needing contact with helpful people other than screaming.

The tiny phone is useful for taking photos of nice things.

Sometimes the SIM needs a top up.

I have great difficulty logging in to Vodaphone on my computer to do that.

It’s because of Vodaphones’ password situation.

They display the password as a series of dots. There is no way to view them, except as dots.

But there are some keys on my computer that stick. So I have no idea whether I have typed the correct digit or not. I now have a million passwords ‘saved’ in my saved passwords and all of them are wrong!

I haven’t a clue what my password is for Vodaphone.

I wish Vodaphone would allow us to see what we are doing.

Dot Dot Dot Dot Dot Dot Dot Dot is not helpful and Vodaphone must find it very expensive retaining staff there to assist millions of users who can’t log in.

At least eight digits, uppercase, lowercase, numbers and integers, all shown to me as Dot Dot Dot Dot Dot Dot Dot Dot on sticky keys has done my head in.

I am now completely unhinged.

And I still haven’t logged in to Vodaphone.

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