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Till death do us part

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Last Sunday I injured my back. Long story. Not interesting. So I have been virtually bedridden for a week. We borrowed a zimmer frame and a wheelchair. The zimmer frame is for getting around the house and the wheelchair we used to get me to the doctor. Let me tell you being in a wheelchair is a very scary experience. Absolutely terrifying in fact.

That is just the background to the topic of this post which is about trying a new thing. When you are lying on your back in bed it is very difficult to type on your tablet or phone. The screen twists around from portrait to landscape and the arms become very tired. The eyeballs squint and soon desperation and frustration ensue. (or is it insue?)

My phone has the latest Android which includes Google keyboard. Google keyboard has a tiny microphone icon on it which I discover types what I say. So I played around with it. It can make bloopers which I have to correct but on whole it does amazingly well despite (or is it dispite?) my accent.

Now I have installed Google keyboard on my tablet. I use my tablet for writing blogs. I use my tablet for nearly all my writing. This blog post is written by speaking it.

I have had to make very few corrections and think it will do me fine whilst I lie on my back in my sick bed.

Actually that’s not true.

It’s much easier than actually typing any bloody thing, and as it seems to be learning my accent, we might get on very well together in the future too. In fact it might be till death do us part!

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