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Scam confirmation


The other day we had a phone call from an unidentified male. He said “it’s time to check your smoke alarms. When would you like us to call?

I remember last year they called, but this year was more fun.

I said, “Sure, you can come today. Please bring your ID cards this time because I don’t actually know you are the fire department You might be scammers! “

There was a pause, “Would the fire engine be confirmation enough?”

And not long after this, an absolutely colossal red fire engine, polished and gleaming in the sunshine pulled up outside our house. The neighbours must have been stunned!

The most handsome young men came in and checked the smoke alarm and talked fire safety, as they did last year. We’ve no idea how us Furlongs got onto this scheme, but it’s to do with our age we think. Two frail old things, maybe with dementia who might set the block on fire maybe?

Next year, we will demand the ‘proof’ of identity again. But we will make it at a time when all the grandkids are here. They would love to see such a massive machine parked and stationary outside our house. They are stunning vehicles, awesome actually….in the real meaning of the word.

Author: Elizabeth

I'm someone also pounding the Path, just like you.

4 thoughts on “Scam confirmation

  1. Really? How absolutely mindboggling they did that! Love it!

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    • Well, the Fire Station is reasonably close ( small town) and my daughter tells me they came to her house to do a safety check once, in the same vehicle. She asked why, and they said it saved time in case there was a call out!


  2. Didn’t it scare the neighbours?

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