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Tonight is a big event

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Every year, except last year, we watch Eurovision on the telly. Us oldies gather with some grandkids and their Mom and Dad to watch the show in the comfort of our lounge. We endulge in a meal first of yummy roast something with roast potatoes, veg and delicious gravy prepared by Mr Furlong, followed by bowls of crisps or popcorn passed around as we discuss the merits or demerits of each entry.

This year we are having roast leg of mutton – yes mutton, not lamb.

This year is doubly special. It is the first time for many months that anyone has entered our home! We are breaking out of lockdown. At last. It’s an ‘event’, a memorable event.

Mr Furlong is a magnificent cook. This year, a leg of mutton is most unusual. It’s hard to get here in the UK. Everyone goes for lamb for some reason. But mutton has a special rich flavour and Mr Furlong is making his home made mint sauce. The meal is going to be grand.

Not sure if the same can be said for Eurovision.

We watched the tail end of the third selection event. It is getting more garish by the year.

It seems that nowaday, all you need is to yell as loudly as possible on a stage of flashing lights that induce epilepsy in the audience and judges, so that all sanity and taste is obliterated.

Thank god we are eating BEFORE the show.

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