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Dog sounds


Our dog Bass, makes all kinds of unusual sounds we have never heard in all the dogs we’ve had before. And we’ve owned a lot of dogs in our four score years and ten as dog lovers.

Bass is small, looks like a Lancashire Heeler, sounds like an Alsation. People are surprised at his huge, scary bark.

When he is pleased, he makes a grumbling sound like “grumble,yummie,grumble, rumble, oof oof” in a deep voice from the back of his throat. Or ” mmmmmmmmmaaaahuuuummm” For a tummy rub.

When curious, “sniffy, sniffy, grunt, snort, grunt, sniff”.

He talks to himself often. Groaning with stretch, sighing into relaxation, aaa-hing at rolling over.

One could say he’s a verbal dog.

He has many different barks.

“Let me in please! “

“Let me out please!”

“Hey! Look at me!”

These are short commands to his servants.

“Postman!” At the mail slot with dog proof recieving bag installed after our mail got delivered to us by Bass in shredded pieces.

“Delivery! Delivery! Delivery!” With wild tail wagging and frantic racing up and down the hall.

“Dog walker coming!” short alert as he watches the gate from the back of the sofa at dog walk time.

At night, at exactly bedtime (for him) he gives us his stare and makes a pathetic tiny whine reproving us for our tardiness in preparing for bed.

On cleaning teeth, he makes “grumble, yummie, aaah, slobber” noises.

But yesterday, we heard a sound never heard before in any of our dogs ever. As we arrived home in the car, we were distracted by things happening in the street. We both got out, leaving Bass sitting peacefully on the back seat. For some reason, a surge of power entered my arthritic limbs, I SLAMMED my door shut. Even I was startled at the sound.

Bass piggy-squealed with fright and lept onto the back shelf in terror. Not a yelp, a piggie-squeal!

He enjoyed the comforting he got afterwards though.

And I felt really bad for scaring him.

Author: Elizabeth

I'm someone also pounding the Path, just like you.

6 thoughts on “Dog sounds

  1. I’ve just heard a new sound from O’Connor. Arf Arf with a sore throat, but he’d did go on a bit.

    The Snake is back. Don’t ask. Read My Blog, when I get around to it. But methinks this tail isn’t done yet. Or did I mean tale?

    Liked by 1 person

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