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Getting old


For several years, these old Furlongs have participated in University Studies. This entails regular interviews over the phone during Covid, and pre-Covid, face to face interviews about all manner of things pertaining to how getting old affects us, or, in the old days, religion, philosophy, grown children, health, lifestyle etc.

Last week we completed an extra long study.This week we start a new one from a different department and we are in a control group.

As we age, the interviewers seem to get younger. They, personally have not always designed the study. But I hope they report to their masters in the department.

The very last question in the last interview of the last study that completed last week was:

“How optimistic are you about your future life?”

I replied

“Well, I am seventy six. I have no optimism about my future life. In my future I am going to gradually enter an entropic state of physical decay and then death.There is no part of that that could infuse optimism in me.”

I don’t  know what Mr Furlong said.

But no one has ever asked us “Are you enjoying getting old?”

No one in their right mind would ask a question like that because everyone can see that getting old, infirm, gagga, doddery, frail, slow, forgetful, tired, grumpy, weak, clumsy, deaf, blind or dead, is not something you enjoy, its just something you endure.

Because you HAVE to.

Author: Elizabeth

I'm someone also pounding the Path, just like you.

8 thoughts on “Getting old

  1. I suddenly got older about ten years ago. I don’t appear to have got any older than that since. I hope I won’.

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    • Hope that happens to us!


      • I believe that this is the natural progression. Physical decline happens in stages and we adjust if we don’t give up. Not sure about mental decline, but for the moment I am finding it funny. But then I have been forgetting things for a very long time. It’s only because I am old that other people think it’s dementia. Fortunately, I don’t care.

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        • My sister works with dementia people, she “knows” things I don’t. She says memory loss in old people is normal, but dementia is a different thing. I find that comforting!


  2. If all the aches had arrived at once I would have given up. As they arrived gradually I hardly remember what life was like before.

    The memory loss [such as it is] is great as I can spend my time rereading books and rewatching films having forgotten what they were all about.

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  3. My own decline does not bother me. Hope that I can shuffle off with dignity. And a nice dram. My memories are good. I have known many people who have made my life better in lots of ways. Regrets? Many things I wish I had done differently.
    What I am really worried about is the stupidity of our dear leaders and those who maintain them.

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