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Troglodites arising


The Furlong’s have had visitors!

We entertain them on our back patio with real delicious coffee brewed by Mr Furlong.

There is sun. And that’s a problem. Mr Furlong is allergic to sunshine. He sneezes. No joke. There are discussions on the internet about people who sneeze as a response to sunshine.

Mrs Furlong, (me) has since childhood been very sensitive to light. In full sun, my eyes simply close and stream with discomfort. I’m a heavy hat and dark glasses user.

So visitors arrive delighted by the sunshine, while their hosts sit with boxes of tissues, dark glasses, caps, hats, sunshades and other paraphernalia around them as a defence against the sun.

People seem astonished that we lived in Africa. But of course in Africa people don’t actually SIT in the sun. They sit in the shade under trees, or on verandas.

Its been so dark and dreary here in the UK, for so long, all the troglodites are coming out into the light. They are basking.

But not us. I can’t wait until we can invite visitors inside where we are protected from wasps, bumblebees, flies and sunshine.

And where our neighbours can’t hear every word we say!

Author: Elizabeth

I'm someone also pounding the Path, just like you.

3 thoughts on “Troglodites arising

  1. I am learning to live by keeping warm in different ways from sunshine, although I love it! I am lucky that sunshine pours through my lounge window. But the rest of the time I walk with my fleece, cap and scarf in the icy wind.

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  2. Very Nice Blog!!!!! 2:11 PM Join other followers on our blog…

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