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This is just my personal opinion, but I’ve always found it strange that someone would arrange their own funeral.

I was under the impression that a funeral was something your friends and relatives put on for themselves, to remenber you with. Or a wake to have a party.

Why plan your own funeral?

It puts a huge responsibility on other people to organise the readings, the music, the vicar, the venue, the guests, the seating, the tea party, or whatever YOU thought appropriate for yourself.

It’s something the family and friends ( if you have any) give to you, not something you give to them.

Someone in our family has planned their own funeral down to the last tiny detail. I hope to snuff it first so I don’t have to follow all the instructions!

The Furlongs in general follow no religion. There were never any instructions to us from those who have gone before. As our predecesors passed over to the next dimension, we had a good party after their cremations, and played the music that reminded US of THEM. We scattered their ashes in natural places we thought befitting, like the sea, or a mountain. And thanked them for sharing their lives with us.

I have ‘planned’ my own funeral in the same traditional way. The instructions say ” Have a party. My favourite music is in my library on Spottify. Do not grieve. We had the best adventure! We shall meet again.”

There is no death, only transition of consciousness. The idea that death is the end is the biggest hoax of all time.

Attending your own funeral as you might, then, would be far more delightful if you watched what other people were offering you spontaneously with love, than watching what you offered them under instruction from yourself bound by your own ego!

Author: Elizabeth

I'm someone also pounding the Path, just like you.

6 thoughts on “Funerals

  1. I want to be Buried. None of this Ashes for me. Just six feet of good earth. I have threatened to haunt them if they cremate me.

    Then I want, “For those in Peril on The Sea.” Ex Navy you see? Just like Phillip. I understand what he meant. It was sung at my Wedding. Once Navy, always Navy.

    And then, “How Great Thou Are’t. Because I am not a God Person and it’s about The Universe.

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  2. We had great fun with my mother. I asked her what she wanted for her funeral, she answered “Do I have to have a funeral?” So I said No, that we could cremate her in the fireplace instead. But the real thing was chatting about it so that we shared ideas. And in the end we had a lovely fun-funeral! I took my painting of her to the Sufi temple and told everyone that Pam wanted to celebrate her wonderful life and no mourning please!

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  3. Very big like! đŸ™‚

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