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Easter bunny

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For some unknown reason, our neighbour who walks the dogs regularly and without fail in the morning, arrived at our door last night with her adolescent grandson and offered our dog Bass a ‘night walk’.

Well, it was a disaster. They took the dogs to the normal fields where they usually run free.

Bass is very black. Blacker than black. Only paws and a star on the bum are white. It is impossible to see him in the dark.

So the Easter Bunny appeared and Bass disappeared.

Into the night.

Bunnies are the only animal that make Bass lose his mind. All caution, all thought, all discipline evapourate. I should have mentioned that I suppose. But I never thought to say.

So the ‘night walk’ developed into a ‘night mare’ with the responsible neighbour and the athletic grandson searching the fell for a black black dog in the black black dark trying to find it. The fear on the fells is that many small dogs attempt to go underground into the bunny burrows and get stuck. Here, such tragedies happen.

The dog walkers arrived back at our door greatly agitated and somewhat exhausted but they had the felon on his lead. I don’t know how they got him back. I presume Bass’s bunny insanity dissipated. And maybe he came when they called.

But Bass was very excited – fullfilled one might say.

No Easter Bunny has come to our house today. They are staying away!

And maybe the dog walkers will too….

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