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Bibbity bobbity birdie boo


Last year, in lockdown, the Furlongs were entertained by Robins nesting in the garden.

I have been wondering where the birds have gone that used to visit our garden. But some nights ago, I woke with an aha thought. They’ve gone because the feeders have become exposed.

We repositioned the Tea houses ( wooden feeders) on top of a greased pole that Einstein, the clever rat, could not scale. We dug out the wretched ornimental grass that shed its leaves all over the garden, that was startled bird cover. And we completely annihilated the dreadful thorny evergreen plant that grew along the fence. The exposed wire fence is waiting for creepers to overwhelm it.

So, we have shot ourselves in the feet.

The problem of the naked, exposed feeders is being rectified. We’ve bought a new garden arch through which we have trailed the variegated ivy that was previously trailing on the ground. And on the other side of the arch is an old clematis that falls over the wall next to the garden stairs every year. It’s full of leaf buds.

And the creepers along the fence are budding too.

There are no Robins nesting around the back of the shed this year.


they are nesting in a shed that our upstairs tenant uses that runs down the side of this building.

I know they are because yesterday, as I walked into the ginnel that runs alongside our side wall, two Robins I recognised, Mum and Dad, were on the ground there.

We startled each other.


And the Dad hopped up to me as he used to last year, and asked for food.

But I had nothing to give him.

Seeing how disappointing I was, they took off, but not before I got a flash of insight as to where their nest might be. Trouble is, I’m a shorty and I think this year, the nest is in a yellow bucket on a shelf in the shed, under the roof, too high up for me to look into.

Today I shall make an offering of our best dried worms.

And wait.

And see.

Author: Elizabeth

I'm someone also pounding the Path, just like you.

5 thoughts on “Bibbity bobbity birdie boo

  1. I have taken to feeding the birds twice a day lately because it has been so cold. They were always there from nowhere first thing in the morning and now after just a short week they are there every early evening, which leads me to suspect that they are brighter than I thought.

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    • They train us well!


      • Actually it is all about Robins for me. I have aways had one, although probably not the same one.

        They don’t live very long, according to Google, mainly because they often can’t get enough to eat in Winter, which worried me somewhat. So my Sunflower Seed bill has just doubled.

        Do you know, I don’t know if Robins are around in Summer, because I didn’t really look before. Robin Birds that is and not Robin Sons. But no worries about the latter. He eats like a very large horse.

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  2. Really? My Robin Son has a lamentable penchant for picking the wrong women, although possibly partly his own fault. But then isn’t it always so.

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