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Too much of a bad thing, music, music, music

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I have stopped listening to music – pop music that is. I have never heard such dreary stuff in all my life.

Try this at home. Count how many current pop songs are built with just four notes. FOUR NOTES!

Not clever four notes, but dull, dreary four notes set to depressing lyrics and belted out in nasal yelling voices, or falsetto men’s voices.

There is no attraction for me in nowadays pop. The words are insane, or rather you have to be insane to understand them. They offer grotesque language. They are usually depressing rather than uplifting. Heavy, not light hearted, humourless.

On TV and in shows the weakness in the music is covered up with flashing lights, costumes and vast expensive sets that blind to the talent – which might be a good thing seeing there often isn’t much.

I like my music simple, clever and uplifting. In the old fashioned way…..

Author: Elizabeth

I'm someone also pounding the Path, just like you.

One thought on “Too much of a bad thing, music, music, music

  1. Apparently The World is in meltdown because Adele is about to release something or another after four years of………..Nothing. Make what you will of that.

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