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What the hell is THIS – Education?


I know I’m old-fashioned. I was a teacher all my life. A TEACHER, NOT A ‘FACILITATOR’!

I believe kids should learn their times-tables and manage a sum or two without calculators. I believe the best teachers inspire their students with their own enthusiasm and the ability to offer the essence of a thing – not ‘facilitate’ some poor kid to thrash around the fetid ponds of knowledge as it exists on the Internet/Wikipedia.

I’ve seen some critical comment on this BBC educational video. It shows a Roman family in Britannia as ‘black’. It’s pushing an agenda.


THAT is not the shocking thing to me.

My question is – “What do you actually visually LEARN from this video?”

It’s ugly, vapid and silly. Romans were black. They built a wall and towns. They taxed people to pay for it. Woman didn’t join the army. (That’s not FAIR!)   And they had slaves. Visually, it teaches nothing about Roman walls, forts, interiors, stadia nor temples.  Here – watch this and tell me what you think.

PS – I’m a HISTORY major. I give this video a FF.

Shame on you BBC!



Author: Elizabeth

I'm someone also pounding the Path, just like you.. I'm retired, going into Old Age and loving my life. I'm hoping to remain happy and well for as long as possible. Old Age is not SO bad - yet!

5 thoughts on “What the hell is THIS – Education?

  1. “Churc’ill ‘e woz like da king ov England like?” [sic my youngest]. DO NOT get me started on teaching and especially the teaching of history! The saddest thing I noticed about my own kids history education-or lack thereof- was that they were not imparted a ‘time line’.

    I don’t know what the correct phrase for that is so I shall explain: When you turn on the tv and there is a film or drama running, within seconds you will- as much subconsciously as consciously- know with reasonable certainty ‘where’ and even more importantly ‘when’ the action is taking place. The clothes- or lack of them- the buildings, the speech etc etc . And what is more you’ll know that , if say it is a film about the Civil War, not only who was fighting whom and why but what the score was at half time and WHAT HAPPENED BEFORE AND AFTER! You-if you went to school before ‘Education, education, education’ when we still wore ties and blazers not polo shirts to school, you’ll have at least a rough idea how the Civil War impacts on your daily life still today.

    The ‘teaching’ of history is soo disjointed that my kids genuinely thought ‘ da Romans were just before like Soljers wid trenchy feet ‘.

    And it’s not just History . I wrote this years a back and it genuinely happened.

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    • I laughed at your post. It reminded me of when I went to the hairdresser (UK). I said something about Marie Antoinette going grey overnight. Hairdresser had never heard of her. I said ‘French Revolution.’ She had NEVER HEARD OF THE FRENCH REVOLUTION!!!!!!! The frightening thing is that ignorant people VOTE!


      • I had many such ‘moments of mind numbing ignorance’ with my Kids and their mates-and I use the word ‘ignorance’ to mean ‘uneducated’ …before anyone comes to arrest me. One memorable occasion I came downstairs wearing an ‘IRA Undefeated Army’ t-shirt (and of course jeans – I deplore the modern habit of walking about in one’s boxers). My kids’ mates were once again gathered downstairs and they asked ‘Wotz IRA?’…..and some of them were soldiers!! Then when I started to explain (I must have been 1.sober and a good mood) I suddenly released they had no idea that the lump of green next to the UK on the weather map was another country and no idea why that country was divided. When I asked them where they’d thought ‘Irish’ people came from then, they replied ‘dunno, near Scotland or Wales kinda?’

        Not very long ago I had to explain to Youngest that the Isle Of Man wasn’t part of the UK but the Isle Of Wight was.

        I wouldn’t even want to start explaining little ‘moments of historical interest’ like the French Revolution to anyone born after 1988…as Old Nana Dwarf would have said ‘Save your breath for cooling your porridge’.

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