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Diana, instead of Chloe


My news feed seems to have been stuck on the dreadful experiences of model Chloe Ayling .

But this morning it changed to Diana: In Her Own Words – admirers have nothing to fear from the Channel 4 tapes

Mr furlong and I watched it.

What it showed was how antiquated the idea is that the royal genetic line should be protected even at terrible cost to people involved.

Cuckolded princesses/consorts have been the mode at all times. An old-fashioned princess would have simply accepted. But Diana had the idea that a husband should be faithful.

Diana was not the first ruined life.

There was Edward, Duke of Windsor.

And Princess Margaret.

The antics of the royal family in many areas are what ordinary people would call ‘abuse’.  Nasty – very nasty.

Perhaps when the Queen dies, the new monarch could usher in a modern age?

The program last night did nothing for the Royal Family, and induced an intensified Charles dislike as I followed on Twitter. Twitterers were mostly ordinary people registering their opinions. They forgot that the highfalutin classes, have never behaved like us – nor ever will.

Their privilege makes them disgusting.


Author: Elizabeth

I'm someone also pounding the Path, just like you.. I'm retired, going into Old Age and loving my life. I'm hoping to remain happy and well for as long as possible. Old Age is not SO bad - yet!

8 thoughts on “Diana, instead of Chloe

  1. I take a slightly different, perhaps more ‘historical’, view of our Royals…Gawd Bless ’em and all that sail in ’em.

    IF a nation is going to have a monarch then, please let it be a PROPER Monarch! And I want PROPER Princes and Princesses. I expect an unmarried Prince of The Realm to be out partying, spreading his oats and siring more royal bastards than he can count (if he can count at all that is). When he isn’t drunk and buggering chambermaids or tumbling peasant girls then I expect him to be off somewhere trying to get himself killed-preferably leading the charge in some pointless bloody war in a country I can’t find on the map. I believe ‘Arry has been trying his best to live up to high standards I expect from a Prince but he is still a pale imitation of a real prince.

    Where do we get this idea that our Royals should be ‘examples’ , bastions of morality? Can you imagine the fuss if one of the royal females smoked in public (and I’m sure some of them still do). Scrap the Parliament Acts, return the HoL to it’s former ermined glory, insist a senior Royal attends all cabinet sessions and only the monarch gets to choose Lords.

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  2. The Queen also has been cuckolded once or twice, not least by her hubby’s (alleged) dalliance with their (yep “their”!) cousin. Not that she’s “innocent” 😉 😉 Just been reading about it this very morning! Have a gander here:

    And there’s plenty more at that site on the screwed-up royalty of Europe.

    I have no time for the “do as I say, not as I do bunch”. Trouble is, what is the alternative? President May? *shudders at the thought* 🙂

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    • Nice link! Still reading – thank you.


    • President Blair. Perish the thought.

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      • Unfortunately BREXSHITE will give PMT.May more unfettered power than any Prime Minister has had since Cromwell. She has already made that very clear. It is all well and good when the Brexiteurs say ‘oh but at least we’ll be able to unelect her’ but no politician, no new Prime Minister, is ever going to voluntarily give up power.

        I have said it time and time again; the ink won’t be dry on the Brexit Agreement and she’ll castrate the HoL and the Supreme Court (she has said that much openly).

        You can kiss “La Reyne le veult” goodbye, even as just a meaningless phrase. I really do wonder if brexiteurs and remainers really REALLY thought things through before voting in the plebis-cide. Giving unfettered power to politicians is akin to giving teens car keys and whiskey…except May has already said she will be banning cars.


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