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Ad blocks, bullshit blocks


Yesterday I complained about the ads that plague my Internet browsing. I put Adblock on my Chrome. It’s much better. You only get clusters of site promoters like ‘Would you like our newsletter?’ ‘Please do this survey’ or ‘Follow us on Twitter’ ‘Donate to Patreon’. Ad confetti!

But a really good app is called the human brain. It does bullshit blocks pretty well.

At the age when Alzheimer’s is the worst fear of my life, I have been getting sick of ‘science’ telling me that doing crosswords (I hate crosswords only because I’m totally useless at them} or playing Sudoku (Aaaargh, even worse) and keeping my brain active will stop/retard the onset of Altzheimers.

I think the science on that is disproved by the numbers of people who are active in every way and STILL get it.  Lists Here

So my bullshit blocker rather enjoyed this very cautious article this morning that proclaims –

Crosswords and Sudoku are not the solution to dementia, says Age UK report

Crosswords and Sudoku do not help reduce the chances of developing dementia, a leading older people’s charity has warned.

Online “brain-training” games have little benefit for brain health and memory, and people should concentrate on socialising and learning new skills, such as a language, according to recommendations from Age UK and the Global Council on Brain Health.

This is despite the widespread belief that they are an effective way to stave off dementia, it added.

The report by the GCBH says: “If people play a ‘brain game,’ they may get better at that game, but improvements in game performance have not yet been shown to convincingly result in improvements in people’s daily cognitive abilities.

“There is insufficient evidence that improvements in game performance will improve people’s overall functioning in everyday life.”

Instead it recommends practising tai-chi or taking photography classes. Those who are already mentally active can take on activities which give them “a purpose in life”, such as volunteering or providing companionship.

Ah – yes – ‘purpose in life’ – a good recommendation by a society that teaches us from cradle to grave that there is NO purpose in life, except to reproduce our species/genus.


Author: Elizabeth

I'm someone also pounding the Path, just like you.. I'm retired, going into Old Age and loving my life. I'm hoping to remain happy and well for as long as possible. Old Age is not SO bad - yet!

4 thoughts on “Ad blocks, bullshit blocks

  1. 🙂 With so many people over a “certain age” being prescribed statins seemingly willy-nilly by their docs – and statins bugger up the memory permanently, it is alleged – I wonder if it is these drugs that are causing or significantly adding to the cases being diagnosed as dementia/Alzheimers? Or even the contaminated meat that got into the food chain back in the 1980’s (BSE) and as a result we are seeing those effects now too? If either of those are true I suspect the chances of us being told are very slim!

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  2. PS John Perkins – Economic Hitman is very good. You can see the MO he describes at work in various parts of the world at the moment and throughout history. Can’t comment on your other blog as I don’t have a google account.

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    • Well, thanks for commenting here. I didn’t know you had to have a google account to comment there! That’s a pest. But, now I think of it, that’s happened to me trying to comment elsewhere. And yes- its economic colonialism/slavery. Nice that he puts it into words.


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