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Am I the only one who doesn’t believe this? Grenfell Tower


Perhaps there is something wrong with me? Alzheimer’s maybe?

Scotland Yard has estimated that 350 people were resident in Grenfell Tower on the night of the fire which tore through the block of flats in west London last month.

I was sure I had read somewhere Grenfell Towers housed about 600 people.

That was right at the beginning of the tragedy.

About 600 people.

How many people live at Grenfell Tower?

An exact figure is unknown but it is a 24-storey tower block and there are thought to be around 24 people per floor.

This would leave the total at around 600 (576) although authorities have no idea how many people were in their homes during the fire.

Kensington and Chelsea Council leader Nick Paget-Brown suggested, ‘several hundred would have been in there. It’s a question of establishing how many people were in there at the time of the fire.’

So, ho hum….

350 people lived at Grenfell Tower on night of fire – authorities

I think the authorities might not actually have a clue.


Author: Elizabeth

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3 thoughts on “Am I the only one who doesn’t believe this? Grenfell Tower

  1. No you’re not the only one! There are so many versions of what happened that night that the conspiracy theorists are having a field day. One has to wonder though why there are so many conflicting stories from “it was an insurance scam” to “MI5/6 started it!” Somewhere lies the truth! Good luck sieving it out!!! This is an interesting read but I would always advise to use discernment! 🙂

    Whether it was a conspiracy or not the end result was social cleansing. Look at who benefits from that…. 😉

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    • Mmmm very interesting link. Right at the beginning of the fire – only, maybe? 15 min in, I happened to be on Twitter. People there were tweeting the fire started in the stairwell. Indeed, you are right – we will never know the actual truth. MY first thought was that someone was trying to “make a statement” about their building complaints – maybe a small statement that went wrong? But I really don’t know. I have a friend who was working there with the Red Cross. I shall see what she says….thanks for an interesting link.


  2. I don’t think there is any conspiracy or arson involved in this. The main problem seems to be that the authorities had no idea of how many illegal sub tenants there were. And the ones who escaped with their lives aren’t going to come forward and admit that they lived there, especially if they are illegal immigrants.
    The discrepancy in numbers is quite easy to explain. The legal tenants came forward. The illegal tenants didn’t come forward. And the dead people can’t.
    So subtract 350 from 600 = 250. Subtract about 80 from 250 = 170. This means that there were probably in excess of 170 illegal occupants.

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