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I am not a catholic, but hell, this is good


I have just read this article of a speech by Bishop Barron.

I don’t know who Bishop Barron is, but hell, every paragraph seemed to deal with such obvious defects in our modern society, I thought he really hits the nail on the head!

About beauty (the subject, really of my last two posts)  –

“The objectively valuable and beautiful is not like that, ( something subjectively satisfying like, say, deep-dish Chicago pizza,)  it’s something so intrinsically good and beautiful that it seizes us, it stops us in our tracks – something called aesthetic arrest,” he said.

Aesthetic arrest!  Yes. I KNOW that feeling. It’s like having a beauty heart attack, where your breath is taken away.

Whether you are a Christian or not, this article names the problems of our age perfectly. The solution, though, to him, is faith in Jesus Christ. but for many of us, that’s another problem!

Bishop Barron: How to evangelize the ‘nones’

I have found Bishop Barron of YouTube – take a pick – Bishop Barron videos. 



Author: Elizabeth

I'm someone also pounding the Path, just like you.. I'm retired, going into Old Age and loving my life. I'm hoping to remain happy and well for as long as possible. Old Age is not SO bad - yet!

4 thoughts on “I am not a catholic, but hell, this is good

  1. Unfortunately ‘beauty’ is in the eye of the beholder, and is as subjective as anything else. The Sistine Chapel or Mother Theresa just make me queasy with vertigo. For me, subjectively. right this moment the most beautiful thing is when Granddaughter smiles or chants in that delightful way only toddlers can: “Omi POOPS!” (Nanny FARTS!). Call me cold hearted but the sight of some ancient Serbian nun doling out food to starving beggars whilst avoiding the herdes of sacred , but perfectly edible cows, just strikes me as somewhat contrary to the message of the New Testament….that whole ‘left hand/right hand’ thing.

    I agree with the Bish on this though: “I hate dumbed-down Catholicism,” but I would go further and claim I ‘hate’ (of course i don’t actually ‘hate’ them, I’m commanded to love them even if they are total dicks) dumbed down Christians & Christianity full stop. God, for whatever reasons known only to him, my Brothers in Christ, gave you a brain…use it!

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    • Actually – the point of my post is that, although beauty is in the eye of the beholder, aesthetic arrest is something that stops you in your tracks – and does the same to all of us. It is not a personal opinion. The fact that EVERYONE sees beauty in their grandchildren/children/children is exactly the point!

      Who said Mother Theresa was beautiful? Not I, nor the Bish.

      And another thing – don’t conflate the cows in India with Christianity for God’s sake. The reason they wander about is a Hindu reason!


      • I am perfectly aware that the reason those sacred unprocessed burgers wander around while people starve is a Hindu ‘thing’ (have I mentioned before I felt called to the priesthood in another life?). Here we see the sense of Judaism and most Xianity where any sin is allowed if it saves lives…yep even eating pork .

        I mispoke when i described MT’s actions together with the Sistine as ‘beautiful’, you’re right that the Bish doesn’t say that, he speaks of ‘goodness’ – I was rushing but it’s the same point, goodness is subjective (ASH sees itself very much on the side of the Angels for example).

        Aesthetic arrest, I remain somewhat unconvinced about as a concept and no not everyone sees beauty in their offspring or their offspring’s offspring. A lot do, yes, but not all; which is why I mentioned it as I surprised myself-i certainly didn’t see much beauty in my own kids.

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        • Well that’s a pity – I thought mine were beautiful – even though, maybe, they were not beautiful to everyone. I often see children whose beauty I see, either in the sparkle in their eyes, their purity, their trust, their love. Your children were beautiful too. I am not a person who particularly likes children.

          Well, when you experience aesthetic arrest, you will know it. I wish it for you.


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