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Dear Prime Minister – what I want


A political party phoned us yesterday to do a “survey”. Mr Furlong took the call. He was brilliant! He told them exactly what he thought of them and why we wouldn’t be voting for them today. I listened in awe. Mr Furlong and I , no matter how we can’t bear each other when our satnav comes between us in our car, concur on many things. That makes our relationship very good. I know he reads this blog, but I can’t say if he agrees with me on what I want from the Prime Minister – he’s not passionate about some of the stuff that upsets ME.

But that’s OK.

I want some changes to the UK, dear Prime Minister.

  1. I want Brexit. Hard, soft, fried, poached, boiled or any other way. I consider the EU to have morphed into The Fourth Reich with malice aforethought. (See previous post)
  2. I want The Tobacco Control Directive that has insane laws about vaping and smoking  and snus to be repealed. After Brexit those laws should not bind us anyway.
  3. I want the smoking bans reassessed – and the persecution of smokers to end. In Theresa May’s words – “Enough is enough!” Hitler would have been thrilled at the smoker-repression we have now. He hated smokers.
  4. I want ASH and all the Tobacco Control Industry lobby groups to be de-funded and banned from using public money for their survival and lobbying parliament in the name of “our health”. I’d like them disbanded along with all other busybody “healthists”.
  5. I want the war on drugs to be reassessed and drugs be made legal so they can be properly manufactured and distributed as once happened here in the UK. The war on drugs is an evil thing that compounds the evil, bringing misery to millions. Bankrupt the Drug Barons, make growers legitimate, profit from the crops – produce packs “made in the UK” and produce NHS morphine direct from the growers – Fairtrade style.
  6. I want known Islamic Fundamentalists interned without access to broadband, imprisoned ones kept in solitary with no broadband, or deported to The Antarctic would do. Perhaps “God Save the Queen” could replace white noise from cell speakers.
  7. Tear up the EU Human Rights Act – fine by me! We do have our own, we don’t need the European Union one as well. We have Common Law.
  8.  Stop pushing multiculturalism – it doesn’t work. Re-introduce “God Save the Queen” to be sung at every event, before the news, after the news on the BBC and before school every day whilst the children wave Union Jack flags. Re-introduce patriotism.
  9. Stop Wednesday’s Parliament Prime Ministers’ Questions shown on the BBC – it’s a totally fake offering to us citizens, and just shows how rude and ugly you all are to each other in our parliament. It’s a VERY bad example of how to communicate.
  10. Require all politicians to answer “Yes” or “No” to questions put to them, and to tell the truth, with translucency, if they have to explain anything. Require them to wave Union Jack flags or wear Union Jack armbands or buttonholes to remind them for whom they work.

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Author: Elizabeth

I'm someone also pounding the Path, just like you.. I'm retired, going into Old Age and loving my life. I'm hoping to remain happy and well for as long as possible. Old Age is not SO bad - yet!

4 thoughts on “Dear Prime Minister – what I want

  1. Not keen on the idea of introducing some kind of ‘plastic patriotism’. Repeal the Parliament Act(s), let the Monarch choose the Lords, return the Lords to what it was and only let the monarch choose new lords (banning the creation of Lords for sporting prowess). Also INSIST the Monarch or Prince Of Wales attends Cabinet regularly and stop this myth of ‘the queen must not hold a political opinion’.
    In other words, get rid of the plastic monarchy we have now (personally I would make it law that any prince of the realm has to sire as many bastards as is seemly for a prince).

    Do all that and the real patriotism will come by itself with no rules about required number of hours spent Union flag waving a week required. Your point about Human Rights/ Common Law was right but only if we have ‘noble law’ again ie a proper sovereign, the two things go together like sovereigns and subjects.

    The EU is a distraction-barely part of the problem and Brexit is no where near a solution. I look forward to sniggering when the xenophobes who demanded it realise that it actually means more of those nasty foreign types coming to our shores not fewer.

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    • Well I hope I’m around long enough to see you proved wrong on the last count.

      How does patriotism grow? And I don’t think it is actually desired by our rulers.

      Thanks for your thought provoking comment.


  2. When one looks in depth at the patriotism of our forebears- which was so strong as to make young men so foolhardy as to attack German machine gun nests armed with nothing but a potato peeler (Blackadder?) , it was centred around the person of the Monarch- Gawd bless’em. For King and country. The King was the embodiment, the guarantor, of our freedoms. Yet ‘the rain may enter, the wind may enter, but the King may not’ . You can’t love the ‘fatherland’ without loving the father.
    When the HoC stole the sovereignty of this country they changed us from subjects to serfs and of course patriotism started it’s slow death march. Only a free man can be a loyal subject. Only a free man a patriot (not to be confused with the Xenophobic nationalism of the Brexiteurs).
    Yeah I know I sound like one of the Freemen Of The Land tinfoil hatters but they weren’t wrong on everything.
    Oh and the plans to allow thousands upon thousands of kaftan wearing foreign Johnnies into the country are already in place. As are the plans to further persecute smokers. As are plans to punish the Lords and the Supreme Court for standing up, vainly, for our freedoms…freedoms that we took 2 civil wars & being invaded 5 times to come up with.

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