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The Fourth Reich


Many, many years ago, The Furlongs went to a meeting that had been advertised in the little monthly magazine in our village – sorry – market town. It was in the local village hall.

It’s quite a big hall. I counted the people there – including us, there must have been about eight people.

The man speaking, is dead now, but he talked about “The Fourth Reich”. The talk was not historical as we’d expected, it was about now. It was all about the roots of the European Union and, indeed, the European Union as a whole. To us, the idea was quite shocking – we were new in the UK, having just returned “home” from Africa. We expected citizens of such an enlightened country to be ruled by enlightened systems – well democracy actually. And that WWII was over.

The man called the European Union, The Fourth Reich.

It made such an impression on this Furlong, that she has never thought of The European Union as anything else!

But some people have an even bigger picture than the one we were given so long ago.

Here is Jon Rappoport – Exposed: the Nazi roots of the European Union

“World War 2 is still underway. The battleground has been changed, and the means are far cleverer.”

Do read it, it’s not long – and it might be true!


Author: Elizabeth

I'm someone also pounding the Path, just like you.. I'm retired, going into Old Age and loving my life. I'm hoping to remain happy and well for as long as possible. Old Age is not SO bad - yet!

2 thoughts on “The Fourth Reich

  1. Oh Dear. Now you’ve done it. I am living in The Fourth Reich.
    Fortunately France ignores most of the junk from The EU,and I never take anything more than the odd Homeopathic Aspirin if I can help it.

    PS. I’m a great fan of Sun Tzu

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