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Weekend break – empty vessels – politics instead of Art

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The whole of last week I posted about artists I enjoyed on our recent trip to Tourrettes Var.

But I need a break from Art, to comment on what I am seeing on the TV.

I dunno – maybe I’m getting old, but “Debates” on TV between the political parties are so infused with venom and poison with so-called debaters shouting insultingly and being eye wateringly offensive to each other, I cringe with shame for them.

And the onlooker learns absolutely nothing except how rude people are, how hollow their promises, and how empty the vessels are that parrot the same old, same old, same old continuously – promises based on the Money Tree that grows in the magic land of dreams.

The BBC displays again the hideous bias it is supposed not to practice but which can be seen in nearly every program it offers.

The only person who kept their dignity, in their wisdom, did NOT take part.


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