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A chapter of technological accidents

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At last, after a blistering email to our mobile phone provider, they set our phones for roaming. So, if there were an emergency – we can phone or text ( but no data). We wandered around for days here trying to get a signal on our phones. It never occurred to me that our phone provider hadn’t unlocked our phones for roaming. I got our son-in-law to phone them and remind them we were in France. But they said I had to phone them myself. It’s amazing how words just pour from my fingertips when I’m angry. My seering email did the trick.

All the technology seemed to go bananas when we arrived! No TV – but the Sky guy came and fixed it. No internet connection. At the free wiffi at Le Place de Marie, Mr Furlong’s security on his computer flatly refuses to open some web pages including my blog. Our phones talk Swedish every time they are challenged with a new wiffee (French say wiffee)

Our phones have been unlocked to roaming and now they speak either English, or Swedish or French. I tell you, I have been going nuts!

There is one event after another! All contrived to bring more misery. At MacDonald’s in The Plein, which allows the computer to work properly, Mr Furlong accidentally deleted whatsapp from his phone! Aaaargh. He did it because all the instructions were in Swedish. So I reinstalled it – easy – except they send you a TEXT to activate it and at that time our phones were not receiving texts!

Our son-in-law suggested we buy Data cards for our phones. But the supermarket sent us to Le Clerc’s (posh) Electronics’s shop who said we can only get them at Cannes! Hard to believe….maybe they didn’t understand us? In the UK any supermarket sells them.

I’m sure you must be sick of me complaining – but all this internet absence has absolutely ruined our holiday – well, for me it has – and planning, checking trains, routes and any kind of facts has stunted us in confidence and adventuring. It will never happen again, I’ll make sure of that!

If there IS a next time, I’ll be sure to pick up a pocket router instead of trying to use free wiffee.

I had a hissy fit at MacDonald’s in The Plein when Mr Furlong had just erased, uninstalled Whatsapp from his phone. I was cross with him, he was cross with me. We flounced out of MacDonald’s to our car where we were trying to keep it cool in the furious heat of the parking lot by leaving it sitting under a few pathetic leaves of a sapling. We both got in the wrong sides of the car forgetting we had a left hand drive! We laughed – hysterically – I think that rid us of a lot of the stress.


Author: thelastfurlong

I'm someone also pounding the Path, just like you.. I'm retired, going into Old Age and loving my life. I'm hoping to remain happy and well for as long as possible. Old Age is not SO bad - yet!

One thought on “A chapter of technological accidents

  1. So funny. Well, at least for me. Leclerc is usually spot on. It is in Brittany.

    Ah Ha. Wiffee. I knew I was right. Although I do get some odd looks from ExPats.

    And if it’s any consolation, I still get in the wrong side of the car after 25 years.

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