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Fright in the forest

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Mr Furlong has a bad relationship with Satnavs. He shouts they are wrong. He shouts”NO” and then does his own thing. Leaving Nice in our duck egg blue/green hired car on a road we partially knew, we got further and further into unknown territory with Mr Furlong shouting “No!” every time Satnav told us to get off the motorway. So we were just around Cannes. Eventually I suggested we actually listen to Satnav. My error! We should have continued further to Frejus. Unknown to us, we were in very mountainous territory – here the mountains go right to the coast in some areas. So we left the motorway into the most spectacular mountain pass with stunning views of Cannes and the sea – and night fall. On a Sunday night. Into a massive forest. And utter isolation. And a road that wound worse than Sani pass in Africa. It was scary. More than scary actually.

But that’s not the worst part!

Our hire car did the strangest thing which we were unable to solve. The windscreen simply fogged up to a white screen. Visibility NIL. The white windscreen blinded us to the road ahead.

We tried every imaginable thing to get the fog cleared – and nothing worked. Eventually we crawled along with the windscreen wipers going and a regular screen wash – for MILES and MILES through the trees! The fog was on the OUTSIDE of our screen, not inside the car and there was no fog in the forest. Very weird. Very unnerving. And I have no internet to look the phenomenon up!

Our Satnav connected us to a road we knew – and took us home to our door. Late of course. No food, no shops, nothing to eat except cup of soups which we wisely packed with anticipation of starvation in mind – and bread sticks.

The first thing we made was our bed! Mr Furlong woke to terrible leg cramps so we had another cup of soup in the night WITH SALT added.

Menu for breakfast? Cup of soup!

My osteoarthritic wrist is remarkably not sore after being so terribly abused on walking the train and running for the plane – scientifically I could suggest a correlation with the healing powers of cup of soup. Yes?


Author: Elizabeth

I'm someone also pounding the Path, just like you.. I'm retired, going into Old Age and loving my life. I'm hoping to remain happy and well for as long as possible. Old Age is not SO bad - yet!

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